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Client's personal account

Developed in late 2019 personal account for our clients, helps to reduce the number of calls to technical support by 80% and the time to solve problems by 60% due to quick access to online communication with the manager, the generator of reports and statistical information.

The advantages are:

  • Creation, support, optimization and SEO promotion of web-sites
  • Control tasks performance, compliance with deadlines, open work on your resource
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Automatic reporting system for the completed work and calls for support
  • All information about the site in one place. Traffic, sources, views and other statistical information
  • The client always knows exactly who works on his project. If necessary, you can replace the performer
  • Full control of the work. Ability to personally participate in the implementation of tasks and monitor the process of work

CRM Teamer

Helps our customers to be aware of all project works. The chain: employees - executors and clients work together in the system, which eliminates the barrier of client-manager-executor and increases the speed of solving tasks by 60%.

Other projects

Widget for uploading products to social networks:

A system for automated social networking product upload from suppliers' websites for organizers of cooperative purchases. Supports automatic price updates in uploaded albums and notifications of new products:

Promotion of sites: Entering site to the top 10 search engines