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Web design is the process of creating a website including the development of layout, graphics, interface, text style and structure. Visual components are used in web design:

  • Colour - its choice is influenced by customer desire and trends;
  • Graphics - creating and placing photos, symbols, signs, logos, videos;
  • Layout - creating a website structure that integrates all components into a unified solution;
  • Fonts - using different styles improves the appearance of the site;
  • Content - information presented on the site should be adapted for search engines;

When creating a site in web design take into account:

  • Navigation - clear and easy to find information on the site interface;
  • Compatibility of the site - the ability to work in different browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet-explorer, etc;
  • Adaptability - change the appearance of the site on different devices (phones, tablets, PCs);
  • Dialogue - use forms of subscription, email or comments on news;
  • Thus web design combines artistic skills with modern Internet technology.

Create a pretty and high quality design

*Projects implementation time starts from 5 days.

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